Digital video ads are a useful tool that all advertisers should take advantage of. A digital video is your commercial or other ad (minimum of 6 seconds) that runs before, during or after a video online. Commonly people refer to these as YouTube ads because that was the most common place these ads were seen. This is not the case anymore. Digital Video ads are now available on all major news sites as well as thousands of other video locations. Digital Video advertising is a great way to make a connection with potential customers.


Now with our first-person auction access, we can place your digital video ads similar to the way your Display ads are placed. We can serve the ad to customers who have previously interacted with your advertising and went to your website. We can create look alike lists to find potential customers that closely match your current customers or website users in the way the search online, the products they have interest in and their demographics.

With the ability to place your digital video advertisement on major network websites including but not limited to Fox News, CNN, NBC News, Forbes, Weather Channel, ESPN, CBS Sports, and so many more. Digital Video allows you to use more than one video to cater to different potential customers so you can reach the full potential of information in the time of your advertisement rather than trying to fit it all into a single commercial.

Times are changing and the way information is gathered is changing with it. Don’t let your company miss out on potential customers with a lack of digital presence.