SEM means search engine marketing. Our advanced techniques will build a campaign to attract new prospects to your website, using a custom foundation of paid search, cost-per-click (CPC) and pay-per-click (PPC) on Google, Bing and Yahoo!. These three search platforms are responsible for 97 percent of all internet searches.

Letting an inexperienced marketer manage your SEM campaign is a wasted ad spend. Put Bergie Digital and its SEM expertise to work for you. We’ll help your business achieve financial success through strong ROI (return on investment) on your ad spend.

You can leverage our knowledge with our premium paid search services. We will put your company’s message where your customers are and right when they need you. Whether they know it or not. We’ll help deepen your understanding of the marketplace, identify your real competitors and the moves you need to make. Then we’ll take care of your needs with a customized program that honors your budget. We will nurture your paid search campaign with our expert optimization, exposure and adherence to AdWords policies, and we’ll drive the best possible results.

We measure our success by how well we meet your goals and bottom line ROI. The better we perform on your behalf, the more Google rewards us by decreasing our CPCs. And we can pass those savings onto you.


Bergie Digital’s integrated platform provides a full suite of brand measurement tools. See the impact of brand campaigns right alongside your other reports.

We offer integrated solutions that give you unified audience insights across screens, channels, formats and type of buy. Plus, we provide the tools for you to act on them in real time. You’ll have a complete view on the performance of your digital inventory and a true picture of attribution.

Utilize our trusted metrics to understand the impact of your digital advertising campaign

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