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Remarketing has one purpose, to bring back site visitors to convert them into customers. Since 98% of all site visitors will not act on their first visit, remarketing keeps the message visible and provides a path back to the site.

Visits to a site don’t occur by accident, but rather because the consumer has been conditioned to think of an advertiser when considering a purchase of a product or service. It makes sense to direct the ad message to people who have already visited the site and who are interested in the product or service, and to do so on sites they visit in the future. Remarketing is an excellent way to continuously reach future customers who have previously demonstrated interest in the product or service.

Remarketing Makes Your Business Investment Pay Off
Local advertisers invest every day to prepare their community to think of them when a consumer is considering a purchase of their product or service. Between their overhead, inventory, employees, and marketing, they invest each day in building their presence in the community. In fact, it is estimated that on average a business invests roughly $50 per unique visitor to their site. Based on that investment, it makes sense that remarketing should be the foundation of any advertiser’s digital marketing media plan.


How It Works

Remarketing is a cookie based technology that uses simple javascript code to anonymously follow an audience to the sites they choose to visit. When they visit the site:

1. The code drops a “cookie” on the visiting computer.
2. When the visitor leaves the advertiser’s site to visit other sites they choose…
3. The advertiser’s message will be there when they arrive. After seeing the ad frequently and being reminded of the advertiser’s product or service, the user will…
4. Click on the ad and return to the advertiser’s site to complete the action desired.

The 4 Benefits of Remarketing

The building blocks of any effective media plan are reach and frequency. Remarketing provides ad frequency to your target audience, and frequency is what drives return visits.

Audience Segmentation
Remarketing enables advertisers to organize their audience into interest groups, and to match their creative to the individual’s interests. Relevant ads drive better response.

Data Feedback
Site visitors provide the information needed to find other people with similar interests, but who have not visited the advertiser’s site yet. In order to find relevant new visitors for advertisers, look no further than their current site visitors.

Remarketing is the key conversion driver of any campaign, because remarketing is what keeps the advertiser’s message in front of prospective buyers over and over again.

Remarketing Options

Dynamic Remarketing
We capture the products and offers visitors have viewed on advertisers’ sites, then dynamically build ads reflecting the content with which each person engaged. With a unique “scoring” system we can refine targeting to reach those consumers demonstrating engagement, while eliminating non-engaged consumers. This allows us to deliver the right ad, to the right person, at the right time.
Facebook Remarketing
Allows advertisers to buy ads on Facebook through the use of RTB. By using the advertiser’s cookie pool, they can remarket their site visiting audience across all devices with native ads in the Facebook News Feed. With over 1 billion active users and 28% of U.S. ad impressions (comScore, 2012), Facebook makes a quality addition to any display or video campaign.
Station Promotion
Radio and TV stations are required to promote continuously to remain on top of Audience Surveys, or simply stay competitive in the market. Newspapers must continually drive greater circulation numbers for their print and online editions. Remarketing your site visitors provides an efficient and highly targeted approach to frequently communicate and move your audience to action.